Tursaspassi [in english]

To complete Super-Tursas-degree you’ll need to complete atleast eight (8) steps from the whole pass.

Achievement marking to your pass you’ll get from any UIO ry’s board member on a event.

  • first five (5) people will get an free pass to a UIO ry’s next academic standfeast (sitsit)
  • next twenty (20) people will get a laulumatti^3 which is a book full of songs that people usually sing at ”standfeasts” (sitsit)
  • next fifty (50) people will get a overall tag/mark (free of choice)
  • Everyone that complete the pass will get a Super-Tursas-tag/mark.

Explanation for every task

  1. Get student overalls
  2. Participate a sauna-evening or outside-event organized by UIO ry
  3. Apply for UIO ry’s commission
  4. Visit UIO ry’s stand
  5. Become a member to a UIO ry and IOL ry
  6. Participate a event organized by UIO ry
  7. Participate to a engineer-student-days (Insinööriopiskelijapäivät)
  8. Participate to a party organized by UIO ry
  9. Participate to a event called Tursajaiset or Haalarinkastajaiset
  10. Participate to a ASTin-cruise
  11. Download a ILRY application to your phone
  12. Participate to a Metrosport-event