New board members step in

The board has been rearranged in the board’s previous meeting on the 1st of July, 2019. For the autumn period of 2019, the board positions are the following:

Silja Kario – President, alumni representative
Noora Kettunen – Vice president, UIOTUS magazine, HI student representative
Sanni Mustonen – Secretary
Lari Kotro – Member representative
Joni Rämä – Events
Karita Kauppi – Events
Otto Nummi – Entrepreneur contacts and education policy
Atte Torvikoski – Member representative
Santeri Lindewall – Communications
Saana Lappalainen – Culture
Niko Haapalainen – ICT and communications
Niklas Söyrinki – Finance manager, student overalls

UIO will activate again in the autumn – see you!