Engineer cap

In 1969, Heikki Silván, a Helsinki-based engineering student designed the engineer’s iconic headwear; an octagon-shaped cap with a black tassel that has a violet-colored velvet cover. The cap is the main identity of every engineer and engineering student starting from the first year of study.
The cap is a great gift – it is as suitable as a graduation present, as well as for a person aged 50 or over.
A genuine engineering cap can only be obtained from the Union of Professional Engineers. Since 2011, the caps have been handcrafted by E.R. Wahlman Oy.
The price of engineering cap is 144€ for non-members and 99€ for members.

Engineering ring

The engineering ring has a long history and tens of thousands of wearers. Since 1962, the ring has been based on Olof Eriksson’s design for the Union of Professional Engineers, a cross-section of the scale ruler. An engineering ring and a badge are impressive symbols of the profession that represent its professional honor and tradition.
The rings are made of yellow and white gold, and silver. There are two models, traditional and thin, and some models are also available with diamonds.
The ring may be worn as soon as you graduate as an engineer. The rings and badges are manufactured by the Helsinki-based Goldsmiths’ Widemark Oy. The Union of Professional Engineers has the exclusive right to distribute engineering rings.
Engineering rings cannot be delivered between June 19th and July 31st. You can pre-order yours and it will be delivered to you after July 31st.


“Laulumatti” is a songbook full of engineering-themed songs published by the Union of Engineering Students. The so-called “sittning” or “sitz” parties have recently increased in popularity. They’ve found their way to engineering students as well, and you can find a Laulumatti in most coverall pockets these days.
The third version of Laulumatti, Laulumatti^3 was released in 2019.
The price of Laulumatti is 5€.
You can buy Laulumatti books from UIO’s office and selected events. For additional information contact us at